APPLICATION FORMAIN: The Ajinomoto Foundation International Support Program for “Food and Nutrition”

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Applicant basic information

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1. Project Overview

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1-6.Project background and necessity*
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1-8.Plan for sustaining effects after project

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1-8-2.About Organization*
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1-8-3.About Financial*
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2. Project Plan*

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3. Budget Plan*

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4. Project structure*

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Please include Organizational structure for project implementation, Overview of application organization, Overview of Counter part Local office in the document.

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5. Organization activity report (for 2 years) *

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6. Annual plan of the organization (for the latest one year)*

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7. Related projects

7-1.Relationship of other project
If you conduct the other projects related this project in the same area, please describe the overview. Also, if you have received or plan to receive grants from other organization, please describe it.
7-2. Record of receiving grants from AIN
If you have received an AIN grant in the past, please list up when you received the grant
7-3.Record of applying to AIN
If you have never received an AIN grant but have applied for it, please list up when you applied
7-4.Other matter to be noticed. (Free description)
7-5.How to know AIN program*
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